Dan Torop


  • Ice Rainbow

    In a place both deluged and water-starved, sustained seasonal observation allows for telling images.

  • Adam Putnam, Reclaimed Empire, ASMR4v1, spread 3

    ASMR4 is a small-run conversation. A conversation between 4 photographers in the form of a book.

  • Equivalences

    In 1969, in the Yucatan and on the coast of Sanibel Island, Robert Smithson made a series of mirror travel photographs.

  • Vectorscope

    I worked on “scopes”, 2D plots which visualize the lightness or chrominance of an image.

  • Dan Torop, Lone Garden, Lone Lake, ASMR4v3, pp. 6-7
    Lone Garden, Lone Lake

    Dust, weeds and other castaways. The slow shift of light and foliage. A lake nearly gone.

  • Duck with Wings Spread
    Law of Dissipation

    Installed throughout the space, both formally framed and resting on ledges, are photographs made over the course of three decades.

  • Image of Elm, February 10, 2014 (Clark)
    Frozen Period

    Present day investigations at Lynden Sculpture Garden of Meriwether Lewis’s diary entry describing a day and night in the environs of the Great Falls of the Missouri River.

  • Prospect from Shore, May 29, 2014
    Sublunary World

    I viewed with regret the many hours I have spent in indolence, and now soarly feel the want of that information which those hours would have given me had they been judiciously expended.

  • Pony Express Yourself

    Working with a novel image sensor and towards the fundamentals of image processing.

  • Pond, Milwaukee
    Lynden Sculpture Garden Residency

    During a 2013-14 residency, I explored the transit of seasons, animals, and sculptures across the Milwaukee prairie.

  • Alkali Desert installation view, Wendover, Utah
    Alkali Desert

    Retracing Mark Twain’s 1861 journey across Utah’s alkali desert.

  • Tahoe Passage 06-10-60-E
    Tahoe Passage

    An online project which became a 53′ scroll. “There is no end of wholesome medicine in such an experience.”

  • Pass

    Working at high altitudes, photographs as emotional objects. A gallery show and an artist's book.

  • Tucson 4
    Street View: A Selection

    In 2008, I made a portfolio of Google-sourced images for Triple Canopy magazine.

  • Horses

    The language of this small paradise exists for us to happen upon in future days or to reflect on in former. For the visitor, the cold moment is a negotiable foray into fiction and found territory.

  • Seal
    Estimated Landscapes

    Sometime around 2001, I decided I was a landscape photographer. No more birds, just the land. And an odd seal.

  • Page 3
    Labrador 1995

    In 1995 Reuben Margolin and I drove to Labrador in a 1980s subcompact car. Reuben brought his notebook and I brought my camera.

  • Sea Bird
    Lost Domain

    Drifting in New York, and a few other places. A getting-the-feet-back-on-the-ground effort.

  • Mary

    Those were the days!  Traveling in the car West then East.  Drifting to and from the darkroom, printing evening after evening.

  • Chickens and Swans

    A few more images of birds over the years, culled from various projects.

  • Four Crosses by Stream

    I was getting really seriously into the landscapes.  And setting up scenes with crosses.

  • Card 2 front
    Card Game

    This is a game of theatrical self-revelation. The cards assume the emotional damage and self-doubt of the players. Win by charming the other players with your anguish.

  • Card Image
    Trying to Learn to Say the Same Thing

    This was the "first NY art show". It wasn't really called "trying to learn..." It didn't have a title, but that was what I'd been wanting to call it if I could've gotten up the guts, so I'll pretend it is the title.

  • Porch
    Long ago

    Some pictures from long ago.
    These are scanned from slides dupes, and hence are a bit ratty...