Dan Torop

Writing and Collaboration

  • Soil Factory view 2023-01-15
    The Soil Factory

    The Soil Factory, in Ithaca, is a place for collaborative work in the arts, ecology, and the natural sciences.

  • Adam Putnam, Reclaimed Empire, ASMR4v1, spread 3

    ASMR4 is a small-run conversation. A conversation between 4 photographers in the form of a book.

  • Equivalences

    In 1969, in the Yucatan and on the coast of Sanibel Island, Robert Smithson made a series of mirror travel photographs.

  • Image of Elm, February 10, 2014 (Clark)
    Frozen Period

    Present day investigations at Lynden Sculpture Garden of Meriwether Lewis’s diary entry describing a day and night in the environs of the Great Falls of the Missouri River.

  • Situation in progress 1

    Over the course of ninety days at the end of 2011, eight photographers posted images to a blog in response to words supplied monthly by the architect Deborah Berke.

  • Dana Hoey Annotation Screenshot
    Dana Hoey's From Blur to Bourriaud

    Earlier this year, the artist Dana Hoey sent out a mass email: “Can you think of five photographic clichés or conventions off the top of your head?"

  • Tahoe Passage 06-10-60-E
    Tahoe Passage

    An online project which became a 53′ scroll. “There is no end of wholesome medicine in such an experience.”

  • Pass

    Working at high altitudes, photographs as emotional objects. A gallery show and an artist's book.

  • Monkey Mountain
    Monkey Mountain

    It turns out a mountain in Colorado looks like a monkey when seen from above. Or maybe a baboon.

  • FELIX TEYNARD "Grand Speos, Statues Colossales Vues de Profil, Abu Simbel"
    A Rabbit as King of the Ghosts

    This is a photography exhibition about magic. For us, the photographer is a seeker of mystery and the act of photographing casts a spell that turns the banal into the supernatural.

  • Wave Opening
    Interview with Reuben Margolin

    The brilliant kinetic sculptor Reuben Margolin, in this interview (made for North Drive Press in 2005) discusses his mechanical waves, handbuilt caterpillars, and the table car.

  • Reading Room list (detail)
    Reading Room

    The books, which have been lent by an ever-expanding group of people, are a motley group rarely encountered on any officially required reading list but at the same time well-loved and necessary.

  • Ballet

    LoveDeath (2003) was a collaboration amongst David Kaplan, Dan Torop, and Paul Marino. Machinima ballet danced by ducks and others to a Wagner soundtrack.

  • I Just Can't Pretend (west view)
    I Just Can't Pretend

    A 2002 group show which I organized at Derek Eller Gallery.

  • Page 3
    Labrador 1995

    In 1995 Reuben Margolin and I drove to Labrador in a 1980s subcompact car. Reuben brought his notebook and I brought my camera.