Dan Torop


  • Vectorscope

    I worked on “scopes”, 2D plots which visualize the lightness or chrominance of an image.

  • Pony Express Yourself

    Working with a novel image sensor and towards the fundamentals of image processing.

  • Emacs two pane
    Emacs Lisp Animations

    Emacs, a programmer's text editor with roots in the 1970s, is a great tool for animation. Clearly, the thing to do was to teach how to make animations in Emacs by programming it in Lisp.

  • Tucson 4
    Street View: A Selection

    In 2008, I made a portfolio of Google-sourced images for Triple Canopy magazine.

  • Ashley 81

    During summer 2009, I spent a lot of time working on a project called "Ashley", a computer chorus, reminiscent of Robert Ashley's operas, that speaks words from a library.

  • Undercity 1
    Bowery Birds

    In 1999, I dreamed I was drifting over the Bowery at sunset. The street was covered by a red fog laced with yellow-orange fumes.

  • ocean10097-00008

    The digital Ocean has been my ongoing project since 2000. It is a real-time, physics based, interactive manifestation of the ocean.

  • Bounce
    Akureyri physics experiments

    During the dark nights of Akureyri, I tried to learn the physics of collisions.

  • 20060718-200021
    Cellular Automatons

    I became very interested in Stephen Wolfram's work on cellular automatons (A New Kind of Science). It seemed great to let the automatons make incredibly intricate drawings.

  • Writer

    A program I wrote to help me write by rearranging the words.

  • Poetry Computer
    Poetry Computer

    I made it speak extemporaneously: as it came up with new words it spoke them, then forgot them.

  • Ballet

    LoveDeath (2003) was a collaboration amongst David Kaplan, Dan Torop, and Paul Marino. Machinima ballet danced by ducks and others to a Wagner soundtrack.

  • Swans on Mars
    Swans on Mars

    Biological truth, visually manifest!

  • maze l029

    Back when it was a very bad idea to make digital projects... First digital project from '95.