Dan Torop

Tahoe Passage

Tahoe Passage 06-10-60-E


80WSE's first invitational exhibition
Opening reception November 29, 6-8pm
November 29 - December 22, 2011
80 Washington Square East between West 4th St. and Washington Pl.
Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm

Dan Torop's "Tahoe Passage" (2011), is based on Chapters 22 and 23 of Mark Twain's Roughing It, which describes a journey to a mountain lake and ensuing adventures by boat. Originally commissioned for Triple Canopy magazine, Tahoe Passage intersperses excerpts of Twain's text with photographs made by Torop. Rather than working in the story's Sierra Nevada setting, Torop uses ringers such as New Jersey's highest lake, a pond in rural Connecticut, Brooklyn's coast, and other generally northeastern locales. A cutout of the head of Alexander the Great takes the place of Twain's companion. To approach its original online presentation, the project is realized at 80WSE as a series of horizontal scrolls.

"Tahoe Passage" was first published by Triple Canopy (Issue 12: Black Box, April 15, 2011), with support from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston.


For Triple Canopy's photo issue, I contributed Tahoe Passage. The text comes from Mark Twain's Roughing It, also a source for my CLUI/Wendover Residency project.


Tahoe Passage turned into an approx. 53′ by 17″ print (split into about six sheets of paper) at 80WSE Gallery: making a paper & ink object from something previously online. The layout is a lot like the online version:

Tahoe Passage layout for 80WSE


Tahoe Passage, 2011, 80WSE gallery, installation view


“There is no end of wholesome medicine in such an experience.”