Dan Torop

Card Game

This is a game of theatrical self-revelation. The cards assume the emotional damage and self-doubt of the players. Win by charming the other players into believing that you are more anguished than them.

Card Game: Instructions
Card Game: Instructions
The Game
The Game
Card 1 front
Card 1 front
Card 1 back
Card 1 back
Card 2 front
Card 2 front
Card 2 back
Card 2 back
Card 3 front
Card 3 front
Card 3 back
Card 3 back
Card 4 front
Card 4 front
Card 4 back
Card 4 back
Card 5 front
Card 5 front
Card 5 back
Card 5 back
Card 6 front
Card 6 front
Card 6 back
Card 6 back
Card 7 front
Card 7 front
Card 7 back
Card 7 back
Card 8 front
Card 8 front
Card 8 back
Card 8 back
Card 9 front
Card 9 front
Card 9 back
Card 9 back
Card 10 front
Card 10 front
Card 10 back
Card 10 back
Card 11 front
Card 11 front
Card 11 back
Card 11 back
Card 12 front
Card 12 front
Card 12 back
Card 12 back
Card 13 front
Card 13 front
Card 13 back
Card 13 back
Card 14 front
Card 14 front
Card 14 back
Card 14 back
Card 15 front
Card 15 front
Card 15 back
Card 15 back
Card 16 front
Card 16 front
Card 16 back
Card 16 back
Card 17 front
Card 17 front
Card 17 back
Card 17 back
Card 18 front
Card 18 front
Card 18 back
Card 18 back
Card 19 front
Card 19 front
Card 19 back
Card 19 back
Card 20 front
Card 20 front
Card 20 back
Card 20 back
Card 21 front
Card 21 front
Card 21 back
Card 21 back
Card 22 front
Card 22 front
Card 22 back
Card 22 back
Card 23 front
Card 23 front
Card 23 back
Card 23 back
Card 24 front
Card 24 front
Card 24 back
Card 24 back
Card 25 front
Card 25 front
Card 25 back
Card 25 back
Card 26 front
Card 26 front
Card 26 back
Card 26 back

I started the game in art school, then got a chance to make a more full version a few years later. There are about 200 cards. It's fun to play. I've only scanned a couple dozen so far. With luck I'll scan more soon.


1) Each players draws an equal number of cards at random, without looking
at their text in advance.  For four or more players, each player should
draw six cards.  For fewer than four players, each player should draw ten

2) Players roll dice.  The player with the highest die roll goes first, if
more than one player has an equally high die roll, the players with the
highest dice roll against each other until one player has the highest dice.

3) Play proceeds clockwise around the table.

4) Upon each player's turn, the player must answer one of the questions in
their hand (at their discretion) to the satisfaction of the other

5) If a player does not answer their question to the satisfaction of the
other players they place the question they failed to answer in a discard
pile and pick a fresh card in its place.

6) If a player does answer their question successfully, they discard that
question and then pass another of their cards to the player of their

7) The player who receives a question must answer the question they
receive to the satisfaction of the other players.  If they succeed they
can discard the question they were given with no penalty.  Otherwise, they
discard the question they were given and then must draw a fresh question
card into their hand.

8) If a player has two cards at the start of their turn and answers the
first card successfully they must answer the second card (rather than give
it to another player) in order to successfully complete their turn.

9) The player who discards all their questions first wins.



Do you believe you have spiritual powers?
Can you think of a way that you've been a coward?
Are you spiritually alive?
Who did you learn the most from?
Would you ever consider yourself a failure?
Are you trying not to think about something?
Do you think anything besides your family has shaped you significantly?
When was a time you felt betrayed?
Do you try to control anger inside of you?
Do you trust anyone?
What do you feel able to control right now?
Do you think that you are adequately able to take care of yourself?
Do you consider yourself a good catch?
How do you know the moment when you fall out of love?
Does anyone respect you?
Have you had to make any compromises?
How did you hurt someone unforgivably?
Do you think anyone really cares about the things which you make?
What is the most wonderful dream which you can remember?
Do you think you can control your actions?
Do you regret having said anything?
Are you normally hostile toward strangers?
What do you regret not having done?
Did you see someone today who you hate?
Is there something about your body which scares you?
What was the last lie someone told you?
What was a lie you told today?
Is there anything that you would really like advice about right now?
What are some of your superstitions?
What's one piece of revenge you really really want?
What's the scariest thing that you ever saw?
Do you like being touched?
Who do you consider your heroes?
Do people often fall in love with you?
Name an immoral action.
How often do you feel really happy with your past?
Give an example of something done for utterly the wrong reason.
Have you ever done anything utterly indefensible?
Do you think you are a moral person?
Trace your sexual neuroses back to your parents.
Whose interests are you acting in?
Is there anyone you talk with on the phone regularly?
Have you made a seriously wrong decision at some point?
Do you have any long term plans?
Tell us about something you stole.
When did you last scare someone?
Should people believe what you say?
Do you respect anyone?  Why?  Does it matter?
Are you smart?
Who is it you would most like to be with right now but can't?
What would you give up for material success?
Do you think your friends take advantage of you?
What was the last piece of good advice which you gave?
How did your mother hurt you?
What did you do wrong today?
How did your father hurt you?
Do you consider yourself indifferent?
Do you want to become a film director?
Why don't more people like you?
What is something that you have learned?
Do you want to control your future?
Are you good at keeping other people's secrets?
Are you sticking your nose into other people's business?
Do you think someone was ever truly in love with you?
Could you justify your recent actions?
Should anyone trust you?
Do you know anyone who would never betray you?
Who do you know who you wouldn't mind not seeing again?
Do you consider yourself ironic?
What was the first thing that made you smile today?
Do you think you were ever really in love?
When did you first watch the sun rise?
Is there anyone whose respect you would sacrifice?
Do you do anything regularly which you would call religious?
What do you think a good meal would be?
When did you feel utterly at ease?
Do you like nervous people?
Do you believe in heroes?
Do you consider yourself a gambler?
Are you living your life just to hurt other people?
Are you lost?
Do you like ambitious people?
Are you an authority on anything?
Do you think you could look better than you have recently?
Do you have man close friends?
Are you acting in your own best interests?
Did you see someone do something today which made you hate them?
What's something heroic that a friend did?
Who is the most glamorous person that you know?
Do you think you hurt the people around you?
Do you need help?
Do you consider yourself ambitious?
Is there something you're not admitting to yourself?
Who do you wish you were in love with?
Is there any such thing as doing the right thing?
Are you lucky?
How much do you care about taking care of yourself?
When did you say the wrong thing today?
Do you think you are a good person?
What was something really ignorant you recently heard someone say?
When did you overstay your welcome?
Are you currently evading any responsibilities?
Do you consider yourself an artist?
Are you getting yourself into trouble?
Do you know anyone who really cares about you?
Who first broke your heart and how?
Have you ever broken someone's heart?
What is something which you would like to remain ignorant of?
When did someone last utterly misrepresent you?
Are you acting for the right reasons?
What can't you control about your day to day life?
Give an example of how someone was kind to you for the wrong reasons?
Do you have many enemies?
Who did you last get really upset at?
When did you recently fail at something and how?
Can you correct the course on which your life is going?
Do you have a vision of your future?
Are you in good health?
Do your friends like you?
Name your five closest friends.
What is a feeling you had today which you have trouble expressing.
What did you dream last night?
Describe something pretty.
What would you rather have done this week?
Why aren't you fully taking advantage of your abilities?
Do you often overstay your welcome?
Do you owe something to our society?
Do you believe that life in this region of the country is healthy?
Why do you have such trouble with relationships?
Do you consider yourself very narcissistic?
Are your friends narcissistic?
Do you consider yourself a hustler?
What do you now for sure?
Is there something about which you are trying not think about?
What are you avoiding thinking about?
When wer you doing better than you are doing now?
When you were young were you a better person?
When did you first fall in love?
Is there another culture in which you would rather live?
What is your most insidious belief?
Are you damaged goods?
In what way were you indiscreet today?
Describe something brave you did recently.
What do you consider inevitable?
Describe something which isn't very funny.
What will you never understand?
When did your plans fail you?
When were you out-foxed?
Are you good with money?
Do people steal from you?
When were you last a daredevil?
Would your children respect you?
Could you be better dressed right now?
Explain your failures.
Explain how and why you have failed today.
Do you stand out in a crowd?
Do many people admire you?
What do you refuse to tolerate?
What is eating away at you?
Do you often inventory your possessions?
Whom can you trust?
Do you think the people around you are suffering?
Do you have the power to help anyone?
Do you have an ideology?
Are you much of a hypocrite?
When did someone utterly betray you?
When was the last time you had illusions about someone?
Do you have privileged information?
Do you often go out on weekend nights?
Who are your enemies?
What are some of your illusions?
When did someone last deceive you?
How are people trying to take advantage of you?
Can you make yourself invisible?
Do people consider you glamorous?
Are you vigilant in defense of your interests?
What are you bitter about?
When was the last time you felt that you were part of a mob?
What is your oldest grudge?
In what do you firmly believe?
Do you have a strong sense of integrity?
What do you find utterly inexplicable?
Are you awkward?
Name two of your endearing qualities.
What was the last major compromise you made?
Was it inevitable that you ended up here?
Have you lost your soul?
Do you consider yourself a good investment?
In what ways are you being deceived?
In what ways are you deceiving yourself?
Tell a riddle.
Tell a good joke.
Tell a dirty joke.
Tell a stroy from your childhood.
Do you take pleasure in walking by rivers?
Do you spend to much time at home?
Is there too much routine in your life?
What would you never compromise?
Do you take yourself too seriously?
Do you hold yourself in high esteem?
Is it inevitable that you will fail?
Are you often recognized?
What is one of your qualities which you would like to eliminate?
Are you insipid?
Are you cold hearted?
To whom do you owe favors?
Are you evil?
Is there a connection between your diet and your spiritual life?
With whom do you identify?
Give us an example of your powers of endurance.
Who do you envy?
Do you have good taste in music?
When did someone utterly betray you?
Is there a genre of music which you dislike?
What is your favorite mixed drink?
What is your favorite color?
Illustrate a common fear.
What do you consider inevitable?
In what way do you lack moderation?
What can't you control about yourself?
Are you often lonely?
Are you proud?
Do you wish you were invisible?
Do you have a good sense of rhythm?
Are you often satisfied?
Describe an incarnation of Lucifer.
What is your favorite television show?
Are you a banal presence?
Are you a good conversationalist?
Have you had a glamorous affair?
Were you spiritual as a child?
What is a common misconception about God?
What do you understand now which used to confuse you?
Are you invisible?  To who?
How do you make your presence known?
Do you go to bars alone?
Do you go to restaurants alone?
How do you lose control?
In what ways  would you like to be taken care of?
What are the aspects of your life that you would lie to lose control of?
Do many of your friends have souls?
Is there such a thing as "the human endeavor"?
Are you prepared for a massive social disruption?
Are you pathetic?
Are you intolerant?
What disease do you most fear?
What do you find unintelligible?
Do things often not make sense to you?
Sing a beautiful melody.
When did a relationship live up to your expectations?
Who is your oldest friend?
What are you afraid of?
In what ways do you often lose your sanity?
How are you melodramatic?
How are you an exhibitionist?
What do you find alluring in someone of the same sex?  The opposite sex?
What was an illuminating experience?
When did someone last tell you a lie which you enjoyed hearing?
When have you had illicit relations with someone?
How are you a visionary?
Is there an utterly grievous insult?
What can't you understand in other people?
How was your privacy invaded today?
Would you like more people to know about you?
Describe something intangible but indispensable.
Name some way in which you are indispensable.
Are you innocent?
To what are you oblivious?
Give us an invective against something.
In what ways are you unstable?
Do you think you have a good daily routine?
Do you often impose your company upon others?
Are your friends very bold?
Are you a bold person?
Describe some place utterly miraculous where you have been.
Do you consider yourself to be egotistical?
Vilify someone.
Entertain us for a few moments.
What are some of your fundamental assumptions which you fear are false?
Do you have a correspondence by mail which you value?
Describe the last beautiful painting you saw.
Whose privacy did you last invade.
What was the last feeling which you did not adequately express?
Do you have a right to anything?
Tell us something amusing.
Do you have many enemies?
Describe one of your obsessions.
Do you enjoy eating?
Are you happy?
Would you like to be more happy?
Are you an obstinate person?
Describe something useful which you cherish.
What is your favorite flower?
What were you most recently terrified of?
Are you afraid of dying?
How are you insufferable?
Who hates you?
Do you wish you had a better singing voice?
Describe a perfect summer's day.
Describe an insurmountable obstacle in your life.
What drives you crazy?
What would you rather have done last weekend?
Are you in harmony with your surroundings?
Do you have any pets?
What do you consider inevitable?
What is your favorite song?  Why?
What lie were you told for your entire childhood?
Are you disillusioned?
How have you been used by others?
Do you invite others to use you?
What is your favorite vegetable?
What is an insurmountable obstacle in your day-to-day life?
What would be enough to make you feel a little happier?
Tell us one of your recent interior monologues.
With what historical figure do you most identify?
Of what would you rather remain ignorant?
Are you mentally unstable?
What was the last time you acted childish?
How are you scarred?
How are you scared?
What is one of your endearing qualities?
When did you last do something for the right reasons?
When are you boring?
When are you tiresome?
When was the last time you acted hypocritically?
What do you say when you talk to yourself?
When was the last time you wished you were invisible?
Why don't you have more affairs?
Did you cry much when you were young?
How are you too polite?
What are a few regrets you have had?
How have you failed recently?
What should you be afraid of right now?
Have you found relaxation and peace?
What would freedom be for you?
Are you urbane?
What is your market value?
Realistically describe how things are for you this year.
Do you have any political convictions?
What are you so afraid of?
What abilities to survive do you lack?
How do you know things are going well?