Lone Garden, Lone Lake


Dust, weeds and other castaways make up the universe of this work. I spent over a year photographing the back garden of Spoonbill & Sugartown in Bushwick, Brooklyn. While documenting seasonal changes in the slow shift of light and foliage, I've been thinking about weeds: fast-growing, fast-seeding plants that thrive in bad soil and outpace all efforts at cultivation. Alongside the garden are images of Owens Lake in California — nearly gone — drained by a Los Angeles aqueduct. What remains is perhaps the largest source of dust pollution in the country, in a valley from which so much has been displaced.

Lone Garden, Lone Lake owes a debt to Alfred Crosby's Ecological Imperialism, Peter Del Tredici's Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast, and the Red Hook Community Farm Compost Operation. Site access was generously granted by The Center for Land Use Interpretation and Spoonbill & Sugartown.

These images are published as ASMR4 v.3.