ASMR4 is a small-run conversation. A conversation between 4 photographers in the form of a book. 16 page signatures.


Adam Putnam, Reclaimed Empire, ASMR4v1, spread 3

The first volume of this experiment is a sequence taken from Adam Putnam’s film project Reclaimed Empire (Deep Edit) 2008-2016, an ongoing series comprised of over 80 fragments and short video works. The title, initially an overt nod to Warhol’s Empire, speaks less about homage, and more to the notion of a constant return to repeated subject matter - a gaze that never leaves, that stares un-blinkingly – mechanically - at the same subject. “This was my Empire, comprised of whatever was on hand in my studio, sculptural fragments, broken mirrors, architectural models and other detritus…"


Victoria Sambunaris, Trafficking, ASMR4v2, spread

The second volume features a selection of images by Victoria Sambunaris from her project Trafficking. The work addresses the petrochemical and industrial cargo trades and the effect they have on marine habitats. Sambunaris is a project-based photographer who organizes her life around annual road trips across the American West, equipped with nothing but a 5x7 wooden field camera, camping gear, and a few months supply of canned sardines and crackers. The large-scale photos of the contemporary American landscape tell a conflicted story in geographic, economic and cultural terms. The current work stems from Sambunaris’ invitation to the Galveston Artist Residency and her collaboration with National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration marine biologist Kristopher Benson in 2015. The collaboration allows a more comprehensive scientific perspective and alludes to the expansion of global markets and the intensification of consumption worldwide.


Dan Torop, Lone Garden, Lone Lake, ASMR4v3, pp. 6-7

The third volume features new images by Dan Torop from his project Lone Garden, Lone Lake. Dust, weeds and other castaways make up the universe of Dan Torop’s recent work. Torop spent over a year photographing the back garden of Spoonbill Studios. While documenting seasonal changes in the slow shift of light and foliage, he has been thinking about weeds: fast-growing, fast-seeding plants that thrive in bad soil and outpace all efforts at cultivation. Alongside the garden are images of Owens Lake in California — nearly gone — drained by a Los Angeles aqueduct. What remains is perhaps the largest source of dust pollution in the country, in a valley from which so much has been displaced.


Katie Murray, Ordinary Matter, ASMR4v4, pp.10-11, 2018

ASMR4’s fourth volume is Ordinary Matter, by photographer Katie Murray. The title Ordinary Matter, scientifically speaking, alludes to all that is seen and knowable. Making use of visual alliteration and an aesthetic rhythm the work in this volume considers the mysterious nature of familiarity. Murray’s collection of images exist somewhere between the mythic and the mundane, reflecting a reality that is both rooted in and removed from our own.


While the first four volumes served as both conversation and message, the upcoming series will focus on the strange and forgotten.


Katie Murray, Ordinary Matter, ASMR4v4, pp.10-11, 2018

ASMR4, Vol. 5 – Alfred Cook: Archival Photographs from The Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library is a collection of photographs made by Alfred Cook. Cook, a footman for the Frick family, documented the rebuilding of the Frick's Manhattan residence into a library and museum. His images reveal a lexicon of strange and curious subjects: dark hallways, empty rooms, and most notably, light fixtures. The images reproduced in this book were made between 1933 and 1935.


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ASMR4 v.1-5 are available for purchase at Spoonbill & Sugartown’s Bushwick store (99 Montrose Ave., Brooklyn, NY).

ASMR4 is co-edited by Katie Murray, Adam Putnam, Vicky Sambunaris and Dan Torop.