ASMR4 is a small-run conversation. A conversation between 4 photographers in the form of a book. 16 page signatures.

Adam Putnam, Reclaimed Empire, ASMR4v1, spread 3

The first volume of this experiment is a sequence taken from Adam Putnam’s film project Reclaimed Empire (Deep Edit) 2008-2016, an ongoing series comprised of over 80 fragments and short video works. The title, initially an overt nod to Warhol’s Empire, speaks less about homage, and more to the notion of a constant return to repeated subject matter - a gaze that never leaves, that stares un-blinkingly – mechanically - at the same subject. “This was my Empire, comprised of whatever was on hand in my studio, sculptural fragments, broken mirrors, architectural models and other detritus…"

ASMR4 v.1, Reclaimed Empire, is available for purchase at Spoonbill & Sugartown in Bushwick (99 Montrose Ave., Brooklyn, NY). Or send a note to Price is $10 and shipping.